Irish Pickers


 We were so excited when we got the call that the Irish Pickers were coming to visit. It was great to meet Ian, Butzy and all of the crew.


We are loving watching the first season!! 


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Season 1 Episode 7


April 2020 


Salvage Hunters


 As avid fans of Salvage Hunters we were delighted to welcome Drew, Tee and the Salvage Hunters crew to Nics Nacs. We had an amazing day with the team and Drew's advice on the the business has been invaluable. 


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Season 14 Episode 13


March 2020 


Warrington Guardian


We were really lucky to have a visit from Dave Gillespie, photographer for the Warrington Guardian recently. The kids thought the photo shoot was lots of fun!! 


Read the full article here.


December 2019

Homes & Antiques


Nics Nacs makes it into a glossy mag...think we may have bought up the entire stock from our local supermarket!! 


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August 2019

Rixton Carnival


We had a fabulous day and met some wonderful people at the local Rixton-with-Glazebrook Carnival.



June 2019

Antiques Trade Gazette


A fabulous write up in our favourite trade magazine. 

We love it when the 'Antiques Trade Gazette' arrives on our doorstep every week.


Read the full article here.


April 2019

Nics Nacs

 Brookside Farm

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